Gourmet Mexican Bread Pan Gourmet Mexicano EACH

Gourmet Mexican Bread Pan Gourmet Mexicano EACH





How does pricing work for variable weight products like produce or meat?

Some items are priced by weight. The listed price is either dollar per pound or dollar per count. If you choose to shop by count of the product, the product will have an estimated of $5.00 each. This is only an estimated (a placeholder so to speak). You will only be charged for the exact weight and price of the product you receive. Any price difference will be refunded to you automatically.

For example, if you choose to buy 3 asparagus, which is listed on our website as $1 per pound or $5 per count, you will be first charged $15 for three asparagus. Upon picking the items, our staff will weigh the 3 asparagus. If the 3 asparagus weigh a total of 0.50LB, you will only be billed $0.50 ($1/lb x 0.5LB). You will be refunded $14.50 ($15 initial estimated - $0.50 actual).

Any dollar per pound pricing for every product is the exact pricing as our in-store. Prices will be updated frequently to reflect our current promotions in stores.

Do I need to be at home for the delivery?

No. Your automated text and an email alert will notify you in advance of when your delivery will happen. Our delivery driver will attempt to meet you in person for delivery, but has a tight delivery schedule to maintain. If no one is there to pick up the order in person, the driver will generally leave the items by the door or by the front desk.

Return Policy

If you receive wrong order or are missing items in your order, please contact the store immediately at (408) 847-7542.

Each order is prepared with different insulated packagings so that your order always arrives fresh!